Wednesday, 16 March 2011

The Foodie Bugle

At last, a well-designed e-zine that brings together the best of food writing from all over the world to  tell 'the whole story of simple, frugal, seasonal food and drink from farm to fork, from soil to shop, from grape to glass.'

The Foodie Bugle is the  brain child of Silvana de Soissons, a tireless enthusiast for honest eating. A cooperative online magazine,  it will  'promote education and understanding in a subject that unites all of mankind, leaving aside the cult of celebrity, aspirational advertising and passing fads.'  The first edition features South African food, decadent desserts of the world, an artisan baker on the south coast of England, Persian cookery, eating in Provence and a piece by me about the pasta makers of Bologna, le sfogline.
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