Thursday, 5 January 2012

The book of the blog - coming soon

Negotiating about food: the big business in Bologna
Bologna is Italy's food capital. Who would dispute that in Italy? Yet here in England (and probably in the US too), while the bookshops are full of cookery books about Tuscany and Sicily, there's nothing on Bologna. Liz Cousins and I - who have been visiting the city for 30 years - decided last year to rectify that by writing a book about the relationship between the Bolognese and food, a mixture of tourist guide and cookery book.
‘Foodlovers’ Bologna – a guide to eating, drinking and shopping with classic Bolognese recipes’ will be published as an e-book in March.  Like A Taste for Bologna,  it will introduce the best and most interesting restaurants and restauranteurs to an English-reading readership. It will feature the classical ingredients of Bolognese such as parmigiano, mortadella and prosciutto, and the people who produce them. It will centre on the city but take readers on a tour around Bologna the province. We will even visit Modena and Parma. The book will demonstrate that tagliatelle al ragu, tortellini and lasagne - the best known dishes abroad - are part of a large and rich culinary tradition. One that is an essential part of life for the Bolognese.

Watch out for a  pre-publication offer on this site. Let us know if you want to buy.