Saturday, 11 June 2011

Surprise meeting

Last night we dined at Locanda del Castello at Palazzo Rossi, Sasso Marconi. And so did Donna and Alistair. So what? Well, funnily enough they were there because they read this blog and decided they liked the sound of the Locanda. And they spotted me from the photo on the blog and introduced themselves. We' d sat at adjacent tables and hearing their accent, I wondered how they'd found out about this slightly off the beaten track restaurant. Anyway, it was an unexpected pleasure to meet some blog followers out of the blue.

In the excitement of the moment, I forgot to ask how they found it. I look forward to reading your comments, Donna and Alastair, about the Locanda and the other places you've tried on your eating tour.

As usual, we loved it. Especially, the lasagnette with aubergine and pesto, the pork chops, and a mille feuille with mascarpone and chocolate (look out for recipe later). The food is classically Bolognese but always with a slight twist of creativity. Incidentally, we got there on the 92 bus, getting off at Pontecchio, walking down the lane to the train station, and crossing over. But we needed a taxi home at 1130.


  1. Hi Martin and Liz,

    What a coincidence to meet you both at Locanda! We had a fantastic meal and absolutely loved the beautiful setting of the restaurant. It seemed like such a well loved local eatery with a really welcoming atmosphere!

    With only your blog post in hand and determination to get off the beaten track , we were admittedly a little apprehensive about pitching up for the night in the medieval Palazzo de Rossi, but as soon as we entered our lovely b and b room and, more importantly, tasted our delicious antipasti of Parma ham drizzled in sweet balsamic oil we knew we had definitely made the right decision!

    Thanks again for all your great recommendations, hopefully we can return some good suggestions to you – Ristorante da Enzo was a random but enjoyable and seemingly authentic find in Modena (suggested to us by a chatty local man in a bar - which is never a bad thing!) and Osteria Francescana goes without saying was just incredible!

    Emilia Romagna really is a foodie paradise. We can’t wait to return!

    Donna and Ally

  2. I'm so jealous you're in Italy enjoying all the yummy food. Only two weeks until it's my turn!