Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Fatta a Bologna Limonata - Lemonade

Walking home from my Italian class ( learning the various ways of using reflexive verbs in the past tense) I called in at the Mercato delle Erbe (San Gervasio) off Ugo Bassi. The fruit and vegetables were wonderful. Strawberries and apricots caught my eye but I was after lemons to make a refreshing drink when I got back to the apartment. I bought three beautiful lemons from Basilicata.

I cut the  fine peel from the lemons, discarding the pith, and put the peel with the remaining lemon flesh, a tray of ice cubes, 250mls of water and 1 tbs of sugar into a liquidiser (you may need to add more sugar according to your taste or if the lemons are sour). Once fully liquidised I just strained the mixture into glasses - nothing more refreshing on a hot day in Bologna!

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