Friday, 7 January 2011


Still life at Serghei

A quiet local trattoria where businessmen eat a quick and alarmingly alcoholic lunch whilst lovers linger over bollito and a semifreddo. The menu is displayed outside and is delivered orally so you will need to concentrate. Similarly with the wine list which has a strong representation from Emilia-Romagna. Our first inclination was to rename this place Surly but once we’d tried the food we were forced to revise our opinion.

Chickpea and barley soup was a substantial and tasty winter dish which made a pleasant change from pasta. The gnocchi was feather light even if the gorgonzola sauce was slightly overpowering. Here as elsewhere in Italy, you get what it says on the menu. So, lombo – pork loin – is just that: a simple dish of pork cooked in milk to create a delicious sauce with a hint of sage and garlic. (The recipe will be on my blog before the weekend is over.) Accompanied by salad and some bread, it was easily enough for both of us. Not cheap but very good.

Via Piella, 12

40126 Bologna, Italy

051 233533

Closed Saturday and Sunday

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  1. I salivating for the lombo recipe. Also wouldn't you like to post a gnocchi tutorial - please?